Pepsi in France, new real challenger ?

Before 2013, we thought that the battle was over for Pepsi in France. With more than 60% of market share with its classic Coke followed by its two lights versions (Light and Zero), Coca- Cola was on the top position.

From 2000, Pepsi lost lot of ground compare to Coca-Cola. With a share market of 12% fifteen years ago, they get around 5% today with its Pepsi Classic and Pepsi Max. We could think that Pepsi was lost, especially when another competitive brand, Virgin Cola, is almost dead.  The market is moving and Coca-Cola did bad sales in 2012 because of a bad weather, a new sodas tax and the crisis where people are consuming more tap water than sodas.

On the beginning of the year, Pepsi was looking for taking advantage of the situation to gain new market share. By launching a new product, Pepsi Next, with 30% less of sugar and without granulated, the brand did a big commercial bet. New in the market with this product containing « stevia », a sugar substitute, Pepsi is trying to satisfy French people attentive to limit sugar and chemical ingredient.

pepsi next with stevia

Pepsi Next is a huge attack against Coca-Cola. Firstly because the taste is pretty good and secondly because Pepsi is the only brand offering a natural product.  In the current situation of obesity where brands have to take care of the world health, Pepsi is taking advantage.


Coca-Cola had one step ahead with the “stevia” including in some drinks of the group as Nestea, Sprite or Fanta but never integrated in the cola. Too dangerous for the taste where the sales issues are big.

Pepsi as a « new » challenger tried something without taking any risk for sales. The Pepsi Next could become the new fashionable recipe and the singer Beyonce as new world ambassador for the brand could be the good bet to explode sales.


Quentin F.


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