When Pepsi tackles Coke for Halloween

At the occasion of Halloween, Pepsi decided to remain to people its positioning on the soda’s market and especially compared to its main competitor: Coke.

Therefore, the brand made the Buzz by posting on its facebook page the following ad…!


This small buzz shows quite well how Pepsi currently tries to maintain its position over the soda’s market and how it meets the 4C’s of positioning:

First C: Competitiveness -> Pepsi has clearly managed to show who was its main competitor on the soda’s market (everybody would have understood),  Coke.

Second C: Credibility -> By managing to do the Buzz on the social networks, Pepsi has then also achieved to install a real credibility over its consumers and fans by showing than its brand is better and more powerful than its competitor’s.

Third C: Consistency -> By using a worldwide known event, Halloween, to promote its brand, Pepsi met the consistency factor required for a good positioning.

Last C: Clarity -> By making fun of its main competitor and showing that Coke is going to scare people for Halloween, when Pepsi is not, the brand is really clear about its positioning and its place compared to Coke.

This advertising campaign was a real good idea to promote its brand……..

……….however, Coke followers/ fans have made much better by responding to this ad and making much more humor than Pepsi.

Indeed, a Belgian company has used the same image but the following slogan: “Everybody wants to become a hero!” in response to Pepsi attack.    


Clearly, even if it is not the official publicists of Coke who made this ad, it well shows that Coke has such a success as a lovemarks that its customers fight for it at the first occasion.

Coke then remains the main actor on the Soda war and especially the more powerful actor versus Pepsi!!


Written by : ChachaF

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