Obesity, the new angle for Coca cola








During the last year, Pepsi chose to use a classic strategy of hiring the famous american singer Beyoncé to represent their brand and to stimulate their sales.

While Pepsi continues to promote its products conventionally, Coca Cola is in the progress of reversing the trend.


Indeed, for years, Coca Cola has made colossal campaigns about hapiness (positive attitude) and sports events … (etc). But starting from 2013 the brand has made a major change in its marketing strategy. Coca Cola followed the current wave and made a whole campaign based on the growing obesity rate to show people its implication.

This way, Coca Cola wanted to be a part of the awareness against obesity. The campaign encouraged people to take care of their nutritional diets and to practice physical activities.

Coca Cola projected awareness videos to show that it supports programs like »boys and girls clubs of America » that enable young people to get active and to start healthy habits early. The American firm also planned to reduce sugar and started promoting the other Coca Cola products which are more healthy.


33% of adults are obese in America and soft drinks are stigmatised. There was a law in New York that banned the sale of XXL size in some stores.

Although, Coca Cola made a good impression through this campaign, opinions remain reserved. Some people still blame the brand and accuse it of being partly responsible for obesity. People suspects the brand to only aim to promote the products and to save its image facing the current situation.

It was a nice try for Coca Cola to take advantage of the situation and to adapt its strategy.







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