… While PepsiCo is having fun

Thanks to Charlotte, we have just seen that PepsiCo is making fun of Coke (When Pepsi tackles Coke for Halloween). This funny strategy is not only about the main competitor; it is really part of the Global strategy.  Instead of being a Lovemark, PepsiCo seems to be a funny brand using exaggerated advertising campaigns and thus, be perceived as the comic of the band: the Jester.

Below, you can observe old printed advertising campaigns illustrating how old the “Funny” strategy of Pepsi is:


“Jovial, Joy, Enjoy, Enjoyment” are recurrent words used all over the world by PepsiCo in order to win market shares and to build a strong identity. Below, you can observe this strategy is still running in current printed advertising campaigns:


More than using humour, the Pepsi Company is also enjoying famous partnership in order to increase their popularity and establish a strong relationship regarding its community.

We can strongly illustrate his strategy thanks to the Uncle Drew advertising campaign released in 2012 and still running today.

A famous NBA Basket-Ball player, Kyrie Irving, is disguised as an old guy and pretending not to know how to play Basket Ball. After few exchanges, he gets better and better until the final demonstration.

First video – creating a viral interrogation about this campaign (February 2012 – 1 million views)

Uncle Drew – Chapter 1 (May 2012 – around 30 million views)

Uncle Drew – Chapter 2 (October 2012 – around 10 million views)

Uncle Drew – Chapter 3 (October 2013 – around 5.5 million views) 

Successful, this well thought campaign illustrates how a brand can be creative, long-term thinking and able to use media tools. Indeed, the company took advantages of the viral effect but knew how to do it. Becoming viral is today vital for companies with such a big reputation and partnership extension (Dime Magazine), media interviews (ESPN) or playing with current news (Halloween) are tools that can be used:

Uncle Drew – Dime Magazine

Uncle Drew – Halloween

Uncle Drew joins the debate – ESPN

PepsiCo also drives car with Jeff Gordon (famous US Nascar pilot), sings with Elton John or dances with Beyonce. Even if one of these campaigns has been judged as a fake, we still can tell PepsiCo wants to make fun creating unforgettable moment during which people are sharing joy. Talking about the campaign, making some noise and trying to overshadow competitors are desired objectives.

Once in a while, PepsiCo tries to share happiness like its main competitor: The Like Machine.


Hugging a machine or give a “like” on Facebook… Let’s say PepsiCo is not good sharing happiness… but better having fun of Coke.

Alexandre QUEMERE










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