SODAS Addiction? Why? And Consequences!

Following the article of Alya and the obesity, let’s talk about the addiction of coke and what could be the consequences.

Even if the Coca-Cola and the Pepsi Cola are classified as “soft drinks”, the chemical make up composition of those drinks are toxic to the human body. Energy drinks as Red Bull can be added to this group of dangers.

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We all know that the body needs only water to sustain itself. But most of the time, soft drinks are introduced early in our life by parents, friends, or in school. Because it’s fun, cool, fresh or with a non-common taste, it’s sold like a product that you need and that can be the start of the addiction. Plus, if your entourage is an addict, sodas damage you faster as you could imagine.


The real and serious problems with the Coca-Cola or the Pepsi are the combination of acids (caffeine) and sugar (artificial sweeteners) and the fact that a body have to work extra hard to expel toxins from the beverage. The digestive tract, teeth, heart or other parts of the body can suffer with an overconsumption and everyone should be very carefull about sodas. An addiction can lead big damages, even if nothing is medically demonstrated to 100%.

Trues stories of damages where Coca-Cola and Pepsi could play a main role

1) New Zealand 2010: a 30 years old woman died following a heart attack (8 to 10L of Coke per day).

Article linked:

2) UK 2010: A 45 years old woman kicked the habit after decades where she used to drink 24 cans of Pepsi per day.  Before that, results to her body were:

  • Lank hair
  • Flaky skin
  • Severe dehydration

Article linked:


3) Australia 2013: a 25 years old man lost all his teeth because of overconsumption of Coca-Cola (6 to 8L per day).

Article linked:

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