Coca Cola and Pepsi: Brand Mantra, POP and POD.

Since the competition between the two brands has become increasingly stronger, we decided to use one of the brand positioning techniques to progress in our research about this field and to gather more material in order to make a better analysis of the situation.

Brand Mantra is a step of this study, it will allow us to collect some information about how are seen Pepsi and Coca Cola by the consumers.

So we asked people to tell us through 3 to 5 independant words, what the two brands inspires to them.

The most repeted and relevant words for Coca Cola are :




For pepsi it was :





The point of parity is that they are two very famous fresh soft drinks.

The point of difference is the image that they reflect : pepsi is more trendy and cool with an image of young people and celebrities while coca cola is an emotional brand. This is due to the advertising campaigns they both spread.


Posted by Alya M

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