An endless war is running

We have previously seen how good are those two brands regarding their own global strategy; Being a Lovemark for the Red brand and a Jester for the Blue one. Even if they are strongly playing with different advertising campaigns, sometimes we can feel a bit of irony and fun regarding “war” campaigns.

I am not going to say we can analyse this war as a boxing game because it is obvious that they are not responding to each other every time. Yet, we can tell the Jester is a bit more aggressive regarding this battlefield trend.

As Charlotte has shown in its “Halloween article”, the war is still running.


And this is running for a long moment.

Here is a communication campaign from the 1st April by Pepsi:


Below an example of Coke responding to Pepsi printed campaign:


More than printed campaigns, the best way to explain this endless war is to find street marketing example, where the fight is really happening:


Above you can observe some clever campaigns all coming from Pepsi. All of them are making fun of Coke explaining how Pepsi is needed, demanded and available everywhere. You can also notice that their sense of humour can reach the top by removing Coke distributing machine from the street.

As I told you, Pepsi is really more aggressive and Coke just answers back. Then, Pepsi go further by using symbols and archetypes that Coke is using for a long time:

The Polar Bear:


And even Santa Claus:!223315E4-AC09-49A2-B761-9F84A5F17DB0

Speaking about videos, below you can watch some funny and famous videos that Pepsi did regarding this war:

Here is a boy who starts buying a coke, then another one in order to reach the Pepsi button.

Two trucks drivers are meeting and trying to share a moment not thinking about rivalry. (Of course it last only for a few minutes)

Here is a parody of the godfather.

Most of these videos became quickly viral and the two companies don’t need to keep this war running anymore, communities do it for them. As a matter of fact, you can find a lot of videos, pictures, graffiti, drawing, etc… illustrating this war and made by people from all around the world.

Thanks to all these campaigns, we can tell that even being on the same market with different marketing strategies such as being a Lovemark or a Jester, the endless market shares war is still running and all means are good to reach objectives.

Fortunately, sometimes they are making the peace and can show people they can live in harmony:


Alexandre QUEMERE


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