Brand Identity Prism

To well analyse the dimensions of Brand identity for both companies, we worked on a Kapferer’s Brand-Identity Prism model in order to develop six aspects: physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection and self-image.

Find below the Coca-Cola Model with some explanation:

Capture d’écran 2013-12-07 à 16.57.22

Physique: Coca-Cola’s bottle is easily recognized even eyes closed. One legend design with a typical colour: RED.

Personality: Open a Coca-Cola is “open Happiness” which is the main slogan of the brand. It means to share good times with people and this everywhere. They have the willingness to bring people sharing moments between each other with the strategy of happiness we can find all around the world.

Culture: Coca-Cola represents a lifestyle, being social when you are drinking a coke. It means to be modern by drinking a model, a leader. Coca-Cola is sharing American values and the American dream.

Self-Image: Coca-Cola is communicating all the time, via all kind of medias. The company always wants to increase its community and push all boundaries.

Reflection: Coca-Cola describes the consumer base as young generation (15-25 years old) with values such as fun, sport or friendship whereas the group target is far broader. It’s a brand for everyone as has to be a TOP brand.

Relationship: When you drink Coca-Cola, you take part of a team. You enter in a specific community and you share values. Coca-Cola is sharing an atmosphere for free and doesn’t need any return.

Find below the Pepsi Model with some explanation: 

Capture d’écran 2013-12-07 à 17.00.27

Physique: Famous logo sphere with 3 different colours aids brand recall

Personality: Pepsi is always doing things with humour and derision. The part of fun is big.

Culture: The brand is using many celebrities to create buzz. As said before, there is a joke culture and the brand is very dynamic and adaptable.

Self-Image: The brand is reaching a cool image via a good communication process. Pepsi is always innovating and adapting its strategy to resist face to Coca-Cola.

Reflection: Via a communication sometimes weird and becoming absurd, Pepsi cheats its public and its community.  But via this way, the company keeps attractiveness. We always think Coca-Cola when we see Pepsi that is a bad true story for the brand.

Relationship: Pepsi is like a “gamer” and offers a young image to the public and its community. By sharing humorist values, the company is sometimes misunderstood but also attractive.

Compare to Coca-Cola, Pepsi is looking for a return from the community. This is the main difference between a LOVEMARK and a follower that is in this case Pepsi, our famous JESTER.

Quentin F.


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