French People Vision about those soldiers -_-

In order to have a better understanding about how are perceived Coke and Pepsi brands, we have established a survey regarding the notoriety and quality people can attribute to these brands.

This survey was spread through social networks and 41 people kindly accepted to give their opinions.

Below are our observations.

First of all, we wanted to know if Coke and Pepsi were two automatic quoted brands when people think about Sodas. Guess what. Pepsi is not. Indeed, Coke was quoted in 100% of the case compare to 70% for Pepsi.


Then, we wanted to know if their logo were well known by the audience; they are. Everybody had the good answer so we can say, even with the new Pepsi logo, that Coke and Pepsi don’t meet any confusion or plagiarism issues regarding their logos.

The next and last step was made to better understand what are the main values and what do think people about those two brands. In order do have concrete results and to be able to compare, we ask people to rank some criterion from 0 to 2 and here is what happened:

Concerning Coke, here are the best criteria meeting the higher scores:


No surprises regarding these results.

Quality of products is linked to the taste, sight is here thanks to advertising we can observe everywhere and timelessness represents the importance of Coke for everybody since we are born. Indeed, Coke was already here and will be here after our death and, moreover, myth and symbols are well recognized because we have grown with them during our life (e.g. Red Santa Claus and Polar Bear).

Now let’s have a look to Pepsi higher results:


Well, when you have a look on these results, what can we observe? Coca-Cola is way ahead in a favourable position. Indeed, we have summed up the best results those two brands have regarding the best grade interrogated people could give.

Exclusively French people answered this survey and this criterion can explain the results. As a matter of fact, The Coca-Cole Company is better implanted into the octagonal country than Pepsi. What do you think this survey would look like if it had been done in the U.S?

We are pretty convinced results should be quite different.

Lovemark, Jester.. see you soon!

Alya – Carolina – Charlotte – Alexandre and Quentin


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