How Pepsi and Coke are perceived by consumers.

From a survey we made during these last weeks, we have been able to understand how Coke and Pepsi are perceived by consumers according to different criteria. We only compared the 2 brands so following perceptual maps will only be about the 2 brands.

Let’s just remind the perception of consumers, for the global market in the US, about soft drinks:


Let’s identified how both brands are perceived around 4 main topics:

The brand as a product: What do people prefer about the taste and which of the 2 is the most qualitative one, the most reliable one?



Coke is much more tasty than Pepsi, or at least people clearly prefer the taste of Coke vs Pepsi’s.


The brand as a person: what do people prefer regarding the value and identity of both brands? Which of the 2 brands makes people dream the most?  What are the best perceived values and which one of the 2 brands make people feel passion?



Both brands’culture are not realy clear in people’s mind. 

The brand as an organization: what is the culture of the brand, the universe of the brand,  its engagement through other topics.



Coke is perceived to be a better brand in term of engagement through social or environnemental concerns for example, with a strong brand universe, whereas Pepsi doesn’t seem to have a specific universe that make people dream.

The brand as a symbol:: What brand is a myth and a symbol in people’s mind? Which logo do they remind first?



 Once again, Coke’s logo is much more known than Pepsi’s, as well as regarding the fact that the brand is quite a myth in people’s mind!

As these 4 maps shows up, Coke is clearly better in each topics as a brand in people’s mind. Only the culture of the brand seems not to be really clear for consumers, who might not have understood well the values of both brands, even if these last ones car still make people dream and belong to .

Once again, Coke is the top ranked brand, unfortunately for Pepsi!


Written by: ChachaF

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